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After entering the Strand Building parking lot drive to the end of the front of the building.  There is an entrance with stairs.  To the right of that entrance is the ramp for handicap accessibility.  You will enter through the entrance after the ramp.  Enter the door and go straight down the hallway.  Enter through the last door on the left before the bathroom.  Please feel free to sit in the waiting room by the building entrance while waiting for classes and sessions.  If you are waiting for an individual session I will come out to greet you when your appointment begins.


174 Concord Street, Suite 220, Peterborough, NH 03458


Tuesday        9 am to 8 pm

Wednesday   9 am to 8 pm

Thursday     9 am to 8 pm

M/F/Sa/Su Workshops/Retreats

(Workshops/Retreats Scheduled Upon Request Any Day of the Week)

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Feel free to call me at 603-505-7001 if you don't have access to email.  If leaving a message via phone please leave your name and phone number with an area code if outside of NH.

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