Acceptable Payments: 

  • Cash or check is preferred. Please make checks out to Kim Gebro.

  • Credit Card

    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo are accepted.

    • Please be aware that 2.75% will be added for credit card payments that are swiped and that manually entered credit card payments will have an additional 3.75% charge due to credit card payment processing fees. Thank you for your understanding.

Fee Determination:

  • Fees are determined based on the amount of time dedicated to client care both in and out of session.

    • Research is completed outside of session to ensure that practices are tailored to each client's physical, mental, and emotional needs.

    • Emails including instructions for individual home practices, audio recordings, links, and other relevant information for clients are created and sent to clients as needed.

    • Trainings are attended yearly to keep current with new discoveries in trauma and mind-body interventions.

  • Workers Compensation will be billed $100 per 1-hour session for participating clients.

  • Veterans Choice will be billed $100 per 1-hour session for individual clients and $140 for couples per hour. The fee is $160 per 1.5 hours for Awakening Relationships sessions.

Sliding Scale Fees (Individual Sessions ONLY):  

  • Intake Session: (1 Hour 30 Minutes - required before starting): $95 -$145

  • Hourly Rate: $75 - $125

Sliding Scale Fees (Awakening Relationships Sessions ONLY):  

  • Intake Session (1 Hour 30 Minutes - required): $145-$170

  • Hourly Rate: $125 - $150

What to consider when determining how much you choose to pay for your session(s):

  • The level of your household income

  • How much $ you spend on other wellness services (not co-pays): acupuncture, massage, etc.

  • How much money you spend on other services: hair, restaurants, clothes, etc.

  • How much you value what yoga therapy and meditation can do to impact your health and well-being

  • Most importantly, make sure to sit with yourself and listen to your own inner knowing and what feels most right for you considering your financial circumstances. There is no judgment on my end in regards to how much you choose to pay for your services. This is a very personal decision. I will never ask you why you chose a price point. My focus is providing you the space and techniques to feel more balanced and at ease.