Free 15-minute consultation: Connect with Kim so that she that can support you as you determine the most effective wellness options to best meet your needs or the needs of your group.

Sliding Scale Fees: This option is being provided in order to make these services accessible to individuals in a variety of economic situations.  Please read the information in this link regarding fees, standard fees, and sliding scale fees prior to determining what rate best meets your financial circumstances. *Sliding scale fees only apply to private sessions.

Virtual Sessions: These can be held via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts.

LEARN MORE about the mind- body techniques used in classes and private sessions

One session plants the seed.  Practicing the techniques supports impactful changes, releases traumatic patterns in the mind and body, literally grows brain matter, and makes the relaxation response your body's default setting. Practicing with guidance creates profound results.  I highly recommend multiple, consecutive sessions if you are looking for a major shift in how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consider the individual practice session packages for profound results.

Trauma Informed Integrative Individualized Yoga Therapy & Meditation Sessions

This collaborative process empowers you to be an active partner in your own healing as you learn effective, practical skills to balance the mind and physical systems of the body. In a safe and supportive environment, you will learn how to develop awareness, a skill that enables you to identify triggers from a place of security. In addition, you will become skilled at learning which tools to use for each specific trigger, enabling you to implement the appropriate tool at the time when it is most needed to support healing and stability.

Through movement, breathing techniques, and mindful meditation you are supported as you restore balance to your body's systems and change habitual, limiting thinking patterns and actions. These methods are designed to improve your overall health, helping you live life with more peace and vitality. 

Sliding Scale Fees:  

  • Intake Session (1 Hour 30 Minutes - required): $95-$145
  • 1 Hour: $75 - $125
  • See the Fees page for more information about the sliding scale and payment options.

"Being At Ease" Package | 4 sessions | $300 (includes the intake session)

  • Learn basic breathing, movement, and mindfulness meditation practices to help you remain present in your life, balance your nervous system, and respond rather than react to all that is arising in your inner and outer worlds.

"The Shift" Package | 10 sessions | $750 (includes the intake session)

  • Deepen your practices and enhance your mind-body skill set with additional practice and more guidance as you learn to effectively notice what is arising inside the brain and body as you navigate through your daily life.  Learn to skillfully identify triggers, create the space to notice how you are impacted by them, and develop the awareness needed to choose the mind-body tool that best supports your health and well-being.

*Please be aware that 2.75% will be added for credit card payments that are swiped and that manually entered credit card payments will have an additional 3.75% charge due to credit card payment processing fees.  Thank you for your understanding.

If an individual session isn't right for you at this time consider a group class. These small group classes are on-going.  You can also form your own small group class and I can tailor the class to your group's needs. Contact me for more details.

Trauma Informed Integrative Group Yoga Therapy Class

The focus of this class is to balance the nervous system and feel more at ease in both the mind and body.  This is not for yoga practitioners seeking a more exercise-based class. In this class, you will be offered various movements and choose which resonates most for you in each moment.  At times, you may choose not to move at all and simply choose to feel the sensations in the body. It is all a matter of choosing what is right for you in order to feel more at ease.  This class is for people of all body types and conditions.  Those with amputations, paralysis, or other conditions limiting feeling in certain areas of the body are fully able to participate in this class.  

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy and iRest® Group Meditation Class

This is a movement and meditation class for all.  In this hour, you will be guided through a few gentle movements to release tension from the body. This is not for yoga practitioners seeking a more exercise-based class.Then, you will be offered an iRest® meditation for 35 to 40 minutes.  Feel free to sit, stand, or lie down on a mat as you are guided through the body, training the habitually, chatty mind to quiet as you train the body to relax even as challenging thoughts and emotions arise.  This powerful practice can help you find the peace and ease you've been looking for.

$15 Per Class

*There is a no drop-in policy in order to maintain small class sizes with the exception of WAE-NH classes.



Gather a few friends, colleagues, family members, or individuals facing similar physical, mental, and/or emotional obstacles to being at ease and schedule a class with me. 

Let me know if there is a goal for the group and if there is a specific condition that all in the group share and I will tailor the class to meet your needs. (stress reduction, cancer, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc.)  Otherwise, it will be a general class.


Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy & iRest® Meditation:

Max 8 people

$100 per class (1 hour) for classes up to 6 people.  $15 extra per person for classes over 6.  Divide the total amount with the other participants. *Classes may be extended upon request ($25 for each additional quarter hour).

Trauma Informed iRest® Meditation Only:  

Max 10 people


$100 per class (1 hour) for classes up to 10 people.  Divide the total amount with the other participants.  *Classes may be extended upon request ($25 for each additional quarter hour).

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.58.29 PM.png

Awakening Relationships

These sessions serve two people in a relationship with challenges that have been too difficult to navigate without support. This can mean spouses, partners, parent/child, siblings, friends, etc. When individuals are taught the skill of mindful listening and employ other meditation skills, it clears the space for a deeper understanding of one another and the ability to be more patient, empathic, and compassionate. Participants are taught practical techniques that support emotional regulation, the ability to meet what arises in the relationship with more awareness and love, and ultimately helps each individual learn how to be more at ease both in solitude and partnership. 

$100 - $150 per hour

Trauma Informed Integrative Yoga Therapy & Meditation Workshops

Workshops will be intermittently offered at the studio.  

I am also available to come to your organization and present trauma informed education blended with a few mind-body practices that can address your facility's specific needs or conduct a trauma informed yoga therapy or iRest® meditation class to help your group develop the skills to be able to respond to life's challenges in a more resilient way. The price of each workshop will be determined based on location, type of workshop, and number of attendees. *Sliding scale fees do not apply.