Nothing exists without energy, including us. Our body is literally animated by it, our thoughts are fueled by it, and our emotional expressions are a manifestation of it. This means that we are more empowered than we were ever taught to be able to cultivate our energy in a way that allows us to be the conscious co-creators of how we experience each new moment regardless of what is presenting itself in our minds, bodies, and environments. This knowledge and the skillfulness of being able to shape energy is directly related to our quality of being. The modalities below all offer a unique way of transforming the energy of the mind and body to serve our wellness.



Learn how to skillfully use your attention, the breath, and body sensing to release the power of the thinking mind. The forms of meditation used do not require you to actively clear the mind or sit with legs crossed on the floor. The intention is for you to meet your own body’s needs in each moment while cultivating the ability to notice what physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions are present in order to consciously choose how to relate to them. The relationship you develop with what is arising impacts how you experience your inner and outer worlds.


This treatment helps to restore balance to the electromagnetic system of the body. The forks are applied on the clothed body as well as rang outside of the body. Misalignments and stuck emotional energies in the body release when resonating with the sound and vibration of the tuning forks.



In order to feel more at ease it is crucial that our energy is balanced and free to move throughout the body and beyond. Habitual thought patterns, repetitive movements, and emotional dysregulation can inhibit the fluidity of reiki (universal life energy), making it more difficult for the mind and the systems of the body to function optimally. This quiet practice requires the client to do nothing but rest, fully clothed, while breathing and sensing the subtle shifting energies taking place as the practitioner gently places their hands on or above various parts of the body.



Therapeutic yoga, including restorative yoga as well as Qi Gong and other joint freeing movement are used as diagnostic tools as well as modalities to release stuck physical and emotional patterns in the body. As one moves they may notice an emotional discomfort arising and be invited to stay with the movement to allow it to pass, telling the body that they are okay even when discomfort is present. If pain is arising during mindful dialogue and meditation one may be invited to release that through specific movements targeted for releasing that area of the body.



The body is made up of multiple systems (nervous, endocrine, endocannabinoid, etc.). The meridian system has been identified by Traditional Chinese Medicine as an energy highway where qi (life force energy) either flows freely or becomes stagnant. This treatment allows the client to rest and observe as the practioner opens up the channels of flow through various techniques, modified in pressure based on each individual’s physical state and receptivity.


The sound and vibration that emits from these bowls is incredibly healing. The body has natural healing mechanisms and when provided a range of sounds from these bowls, it automatically restores the out of synch vibrational frequency of the body to a more grounded frequency.

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Within you there is already a felt knowing that you are whole and worthy of being seen and valued. We forget this as a result of our conditioning throughout this lifetime, beginning in utero. We are taught how to betray ourselves in order to fit into the molds created by others (family, religion, school, government, peer groups, etc.). We are largely unaware of how this has impacted how we perceive and treat ourselves and others. This process enables you to consciously decide which thoughts and emotions you want to give power to in service of your wellness and which you are ready to release in order to feel more in control of how you truly want to feel and be.

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We all have a voice that whispers exactly what we need to hear in order to design our perceptions and actions in a way that serves our soul’s purpose here on Earth…to awaken. Awakening simply means that you become more and more aware of your power to create. We are constantly creating, whether it is a hell on earth, a peaceful environment, or anything in between. Clients often express that they cannot discern between the voice of ego and the voice of intuition. Using oracle cards helps clients be able to hone their ability to hear their truth more clearly. It is their soul that chooses the cards and their intuition that interprets them. If fear arises, ego is present. If love arises, intuition is guiding perception. As individuals become more skilled at this practice they are able to hear supportive intuitive messages throughout their day, allowing them to consciously design their lives rather than be tethered to the misguided perceptions rooted in conditioned fear.