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You already have the tools you need to sense the quiet beneath the busy mind, balance the systems of the body, and relax.  If you experience anxiety, depression, chronic pain, grief, hopelessness, insomnia, PTSD, or any other physical, mental, or emotional challenges that are impeding your ability to live life with ease you are visiting this page for a reason. The body has a strong memory. It remembers thoughts and emotions triggered by our internal monologue and our life experiences, even if we don't. These energetic imprints impact the cellular structures of the brain and body and can result in the states mentioned above as well as many more. The root cause of many of these conditions is trauma. (Click here to learn more about the impact of trauma.)

Improving your health and quality of life begins with pausing to notice what is arising in the present moment and then skillfully using the appropriate mind-body tools to meet that in order to release its potential to cause suffering. This technique can also release what has been held in body for decades, helping to rebalance the systems of the body and brain, bringing more ease into everyday life.

Although the idea is simple, the practice can be challenging. It helps to be guided through this process by someone who has been professionally trained to create a safe environment for your unique needs to be met.  I look forward to partnering with you as you become an empowered participant in your own health care, explore what is causing disease or dis-ease for you, and learn effective, evidence based movement and meditation practices that will help you feel more at peace.

If what you have read resonates with you and it feels like you could benefit from learning how to use the resources that you already have to change the quality of your life...consider contacting me for a free consultation.  We can talk about your specific needs and how the techniques that I use can support your health and well-being.  

Be well, Kim



"When my sister died suddenly, life was already filled to the max -- I was in the middle of a career change and going to school full-time in an accelerated program. Thankfully, I had a lot of support!  Still, death so close to home brought new challenges, as well as some old ones, to the surface. Kim offered safe haven and company as I tread a rocky path. It seemed familiar ground to her, and she let me be just where I was. No timeline, no rush to "get over it," just a calm, steady presence, a witness, who told me I could simply be -- happy, sad, joyful, angry. Then came relief: Peace and stillness, even bliss." -Priscilla Morrill, Licensed Massage Therapist

"I am very grateful to have met and worked with Kim. She has truly been wonderful and given me tools each week to improve my mind & body. I have come to associate her voice with my own peace and calmness within and her messages are a reminder for my continued peace of mind!" -Michelle B.

"There are no words to describe what working with Kim has done for me.  All I know is that I can breathe again." -David P.

"When tragedy strikes, it is often said we will never be the same, we will find a new normal. I was living the “new normal” when I found Kim Gebro’s iRest meditation class and was given the space and guidance to create a healthier and more hopeful new normalcy than I ever expected to accomplish. For the first time in over a year after the death of my son, I was able to let my mind and body truly rest. What a gift. Kim created a safe, warm, and comfortable atmosphere, that allowed me to work at my own individual pace with calming and relaxation techniques. These techniques helped me find the clarity needed to work on the triggers causing my panic attacks and short term memory loss." Paige K.

"Kim is simply AMAZING!" -Anonymous

"Working with Kim has truly changed my life. She is incredibly resourceful; giving a wide variety of tools to tackle many mental and physical problems. I am continually impressed by all the new ideas she brings to my treatment. She has introduced to me the power of mindfulness and meditation as well as working your body the way it can be worked, not forcing the body to do something beyond its capacity. She has a wonderful, joyful, personality and is endlessly compassionate and understanding. I have worked with many practitioners in the past and have never had the results I have working with Kim. I am truly grateful for the work she does. I absolutely recommend working with her" - anonymous

"Kim is awesome!!! She listens and tailors to your needs perfectly!!! I will and have been telling everyone how much I enjoy learning from Kim. Thank you for being awesome!!!" - E.B.

"In looking for a way to ease my anxiety I found Kim Gebro and her meditation classes. Just walking into her space and hearing her voice calms me. She is so kind and welcoming and her approach has helped me find a way to quiet my mind like nothing else has. Her support doesn't end when you leave her class. She connects with email and sends recordings of the classes to continue the practice at home. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone that wants to bring some peace and mindfulness to their lives." -Anonymous  

"I cannot even begin to describe how much my sessions with Kim improved my well being. When I first met with her, I was in an extremely dark place and overwhelmed with the issues that were dictating my life...basically, hopeless and depressed. It is a bit dramatic of me to say that the peace and understanding and compassion I received from her in that healing place no doubt saved my life. I continue on with all that she taught me and look forward to some day meeting with her again." -MaryAnne P.

"I was scanning memories trying to find those ones that were great and felt safe and peaceful. They kept popping up and I'd scan and the good things like the squishy moss or crooks in the tree etc would hold my attention but then I'd wander to the 'but this' or remember what was actually going on in the background of my I said okay well accept the good anyway. Then into my mind popped the phrase that was slung at me so often "you have an answer for everything". Whoa, I'd forgot to treasure that for what it is. That's right I do have an answer for everything! It made me smile, gave me a calm and confident smile. Yes that's it! Thanks for helping me to accept the need to be still and reflect so that I could remember. That's where I have power to rest in. Since it's natural and doesn't require effort, I can calmly collect, regroup and be at my best for the next challenge. The other peaceful 'physical' association I pictured was of all things, my new car. It's used, it's a car, it's something that's subject to damage and expense......all that should disqualify it. But no! I'm accepting that those things don't diminish my pleasure, relaxation and security. The feeling I get when I'm tucked into my seat, hands on the wheel, music or no music......That's mine and I own the joy of what I've felt. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" -Anonymous